Every good story starts somewhere but this story started as an online friendship which has resulted in two Lifestyle Bloggers from two different parts of South Africa. Having a common passion for travel and exploring our beautiful country Lerato and Verushka have decided to pool together our resources and explore a city that is normally seen as a Summer Tourist Destination for local and international travellers.

Who are the 2 Girls ?

Verushka Ramasami

VerushkaVerushka, is a lifestyle blogger from sunny Durban with a passion for food and travel. Having been bitten by the travel bug at an early age, Verushka has lived and worked abroad for several years in London thus developing a mild addiction of all things British and a severe case of Wanderlust. A Travel and Tourism Lecturer by day and a Blogger at night. Verushka is a Domestic Goddess and uses her travels to inspire the food she cooks, her recipes take one on a culinary and travel journey around the globe.


Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/verushka143

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/verushka143

Lerato Bambo

leratoLerato is a marketer, beauty connoisseur and travelette, who recently quit her job as a marketing manager at an International Beauty company to travel full time. Her blog SimLeeB (SimplyLerato B) is digital destination for those who appreciate travel and seek new experiences; it inspires people to not only wonder what lies beyond their immediate horizon, but to go and find out what it is.

Twitter : www.twitter.com/leratolb_

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/leratolb_

15 Days

Just over two weeks is good amount of time to explore a city and it’s surrounding areas. Most short breaks don’t allow one to head off the beaten track and explore the hidden gems in a city. The Girls will be in heading off on some adventures to Stellenbosch and the Langeberg Valley and the Mother City of course.

1 City

The two girls are off to explore the Cape Town and it’s surrounding areas in Winter. Crazy you say but Lerato and Verushka hope to convince us to explore our beautiful South Africa and not only during Summer. The Mother City is a popular destination for all travellers during Summer but in Winter not many are keen to visit as the weather is not too welcoming.

The reason

With the soaring foreign exchange rates it makes travelling abroad for South Africans rather difficult and let us not forget the visa restrictions on most destinations. So the idea of becoming a Tourist in your own country is rather appealing and it is a way of putting back into our economy. As mentioned earlier Cape Town is very popular during the summer months but in winter this beautiful destination is forgotten as a holiday destination, so the main reason is to show the world that Cape Town is a destination that can be visited all year round. It is also common during the winter months to find cheaper flights and accommodation so this does make sense in terms of getting more value for money. July has been chosen as in South Africa it is the school holidays. During the two weeks Lerato and Verushka will be setting off on a journey exploring Cape Town and the Western Cape braving the cold weather and showing you a Taste of Cape Town during winter.

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Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/verushka143


Instagram http://www.instagram.com/verushka143


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