South Africa is blessed with a remarkably diverse ecosystem whose beauty attracts visitors from all around the world. It’s little wonder that visitors are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their stay. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the ten eco-friendly hotels in South Africa.

1. Hotel Verde, Cape Town

Conveniently located at the Cape Town International Airport, Hotel Verde holds the title Africa’s greenest hotel. Promising its guests a carbon-neutral stay, Hotel Verde ensures it holds on to its title in a manner of ways. This includes the utilization a green roof, a plant room, an eco-pool and energy-efficient LED lights. Added to this, the hotel uses wind turbines for energy and recycles water by sterilizing used bath and shower water through the use of UV light before re-using it to flush toilets.

2. Rhino Walking Safaris, Kruger National Park

This luxury lodge was built in an environmentally conscious manner using natural materials and limiting the use of concrete. From generating its own power and conserving water to wilderness care, Rhino Walking Safaris always puts the environment first.

3. Teniqua Treetops, near Sedgefield

This unique, tented tree house resort offers eco accommodation set in the unspoiled indigenous forest situated in the Outeniqua mountain range. Rainwater is used for drinking while river water is used for bathing and washing. All cleaning products and detergents used at Teniqua Treetops is eco-friendly and dry toilets are utilised – ensuring that the surrounding environment is minimally

4. The Shire Eco-lodge, Stutterheim

The Shire’s eco credentials begins with its architecture ‒ the chalets are built on stilts, which avoids levelling the earth while its unique shape acts as a natural cooling system. All of the chalets furniture has been handcrafted using alien species which are locally harvested on the property. A large reservoir was built to collect and store water which is used to service both the lodge and the indigenous nursery.

5. Duma Manzi Eco Lodge and Spa, Richmond

Located in a beautiful valley 90km away from Durban, Duma Manzi Eco Lodge and Spa is a 5 star Wildlife retreat to rival the best. Organic kitchen waste is composted on site and used in the Worm Farm and on the surrounding lodge grounds and gardens, and every effort is made to conserve water and energy. You can rest assured that your impact on the local environment will be the bare minimum as a guest here.

6. iKhayalamafu, Monk’s Cowl

Situated in the heart of the Drakensberg, the location perfectly fits the hotel’s moniker which means “house in the clouds”. The eco-estate is completely self-reliant; all its energy is generated by solar and hydropower, and it’s self-sufficient in honey and vegetables.iKhayalamafu shares a fenceless boundary with a world heritage site – meaning your stay will be dotted with wildlife and uninterrupted views.

7. Thonga Beach Lodge, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Set on the pristine shores of the Maputuland coast, Thonga Beach Lodge offers visitors the opportunity to experience turtles laying eggs and swimming with dolphins, amongst other once in a lifetime marine experiences. The lodge employs several eco-friendly practices including the implementation of eco-architecture (all lights are shielded from the beach), recycling, generating its own power, and sourcing organic meat and produce locally.

8. Kololo Game Reserve, Vaalwater

This gem of the sleepy town of Vaalwater is a vocal advocate of community development and sustainability. Community members are trained about environmental concerns such as poaching and sustainable living. The game reserve also has a bio-septic tank, filters its own water and recycles its own waste.

9. The Peech Hotel, Johannesburg

Set in the trendy suburb of Melrose, The Peech Hotel is the perfect urban retreat. The hotel boasts sustainable practices including waste management, energy and water conservation and is Fair Trade Tourism certified.

10. Mosaic Lagoon Lodge, Stanford

The Mosaic Lagoon Lodge’s number one focus is conserving the extraordinary biodiversity of the Western Cape. Part of its mission is to eliminate invasive plants and restoring the land to its natural state for animals and birds, and to promote the conservation of the land’s extraordinary natural resources.

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