British Airways South Africa

British Airways are operated under the Comair banner in South Africa which is the same group that operate Kulula. This is often the reason most people associate British Airways South Africa and Kulula. Kulula does offer cheaper domestic flights than British Airways but, British Airways offer a more comprehensive and service orientated flight to most domestic destinations.


British Airways South Africa Carry-on luggage

British Airways carry-on baggage allowance permits travellers a single piece of hand luggage plus a laptop or handbag. There is a 23 kilogram baggage weight limit. Small musical instruments may be carried as hand baggage if they are fewer than 126cm in length. They are part of the free hand baggage allowance.

British Airways South Africa Dangerous Items

Governments and local authorities may impose restrictions on what you are allowed to take on board. Dangerous, restricted and banned items will be confiscated. British Airways cannot accept liability for any products that are confiscated.

British Airways South Africa Check In

There are a number of ways you can check in for your British Airways South Africa flight namely; via your mobile phone; online, at an airport kiosk or at a British Airways check-in desk. Most British Airways check-in desks close at 45 minutes before the flight departs. Checking-in online or via your mobile phone opens 24 hours before flights depart.

British Airways South Africa Contact Details

General contact number:

+27 11 441 8600

Fax: +27 11 684 2615


+27 11 441 8600

Fax: +27 11 684 2615

Customer Relations:

Tel: +27 11 441 8600

Fax copies of receipts/documents to:

021 427 3343

International British Airways flights:

PO Box 535

Parklands 2121

South Africa

Baggage claims:

Tel: +27 11 441 8600

Fax copies of receipts/documents to:

021 427 3343


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